Zoom Meetings

  • Students meet with the instruction team for one hour, once a week
  • Zoom Instruction will include: Theatre and Improvisation Games, Script/Scene Work, Acting, Dancing, & Singing
  • Students will also participate in Special Guest Workshops with Broadway Artists

Tutorial Videos

  • Students will have access to tutorial videos, that they may watch and practice with from home
  • Posted in a private folder on YouTube
  • Video Instruction will include: Dance & Choreography, Singing, Self-Tape (Recording from Home), Acting for the Camera, Costuming your Character, and more

Audio Recordings

  • Students will be given music that they can practice along with at home
  • Posted in a private folder on Dropbox
  • Music provided will include: Instrumental versions, versions with vocals, and versions of the songs with the melodies and harmonies plunked out note for note on a piano


  • Students will be assigned roles in at least one scene and song from the musical we are studying
  • Students will learn their parts from home
  • Students will record themselves performing a song from the musical we are studying, and send their recordings to Theatre 31
  • Theatre 31 will edit the recordings together and create a video that will be made available to the families involved


  • Access to the internet with a reliable connection that will allow students to be a part of our Zoom classes
  • Earphones, earbuds, or headphones and a device that students can listen to music on (a computer, ipod, phone, etc)
  • Access to YouTube, and a place that they can practice their dances from home
  • Access to Dropbox, where they will download the music tracks for our class
  • Access to a video recording device (separate from the one mentioned above). A phone with a video camera will work great
  • Parents will need to help sudents with their home recordings


$20 per class hour, plus $150 fee for the script, music, audio & video editing, and a copy of the final audio & video presentation.

* Discounted rates for siblings
** For Scholarship information, or other payment plan options, please contact us by using the link below.