Distance Learning Musical Theatre Program at Coeur d’Alene Avenue School


“The Wizard of Oz & Wicked”
Mondays, 2pm – 3pm Pacific Time

Jan 25
Feb 1, 8, 22
Mar 1, 8, 15, 22

Coeur d’Alene Students, Grades 2-5

Students will explore some of their favorite roles and songs from “The Wizard of Oz” and the hit Broadway musical “Wicked”!

They will also play theatre games and improvisation exercises, and at the end of the session, will collaborate to create a recording of one of their favorite songs from these two musicals.

The need for Social Emotional Learning is now stronger than ever. Students need a way of expressing their feelings, and a means of connecting with each other that they are not receiving in their day to day lives. Join us for this fun class that is sure to give them something to look forward to each week!

Zoom Meetings

  • Students meet with the instruction team for one hour, once a week
  • Zoom Instruction will include: Theatre and Improvisation Games, Script/Scene Work, Acting, Dancing, & Singing

Tutorial Videos

  • Students will have access to tutorial videos, that they may watch and practice with from home
  • Posted in a private folder on YouTube
  • Video Instruction will include: Dance & Choreography, Singing, Self-Tape (Recording from Home), Acting for the Camera, Costuming your Character, and more

Audio Recordings

  • Students will be given music that they can practice along with at home
  • Posted in a private folder on Dropbox
  • Music provided will include: Instrumental versions, versions with vocals, and versions of the songs with the melodies and harmonies plunked out note for note on a piano


  • Students will be assigned roles in at least one scene and song from the musical we are studying
  • Students will learn their parts from home
  • Students will record themselves performing a song from the musical we are studying, and send their recordings to Theatre 31
  • Theatre 31 will edit the recordings together and create a video that will be made available to the families involved


  • Access to the internet with a reliable connection that will allow students to be a part of our Zoom classes
  • Earphones, earbuds, or headphones and a device that students can listen to music on (a computer, ipod, phone, etc)
  • Access to YouTube, and a place that they can practice their dances from home
  • Access to Dropbox, where they will download the music tracks for our class
  • Access to a video recording device (separate from the one mentioned above). A phone with a video camera will work great
  • Parents will need to help sudents with their home recordings


$300 (We are donating 20% of the Zoom Meeting funds to the Friends of Coeur d’Alene) 
$20 per class hour, plus $140 fee for the script, music, audio & video editing, and a copy of the final video presentation.

* We are also offering a “Class Only” model, for students who would like to attend the classes, but do not wish to be a part of the music video. The cost of the “Class Only” model is $160.
* Discounted rates for siblings will automatically apply at checkout.
* For Scholarship information, or other payment plan options, please contact us by using the link below.

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